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Physics Physics Of Trigonometry - 1102 Words

The more I study trigonometry, the more it seems like mathematical magic. The relationships between angles and sides that have been uncovered and rewritten as seemingly simple identities are definitely more than meets the eye. I am especially drawn to their all-inclusive nature. It does not matter what the side lengths or angle measurements of the triangle are; the laws of trigonometry are always applicable and accurate. Needless to say, I was quite intrigued when I came across something known as Morley’s Theorem which reads, â€Å"The three points of intersection of the adjacent trisectors of the angles of any triangle form an equilateral triangle† (Bogomolny). What interests me most is the seemingly unlikely all-encompassing nature of such†¦show more content†¦Figure 2 The summation of all of the angle measures in a triangle is equal to 180 º which can be converted to equal Ï€ radians. Thus I deduced that ∠ A+∠ B+∠ C=Ï€ 3ÃŽ ±+3ÃŽ ²+3ÃŽ ³=Ï€ ÃŽ ±+ÃŽ ²+ÃŽ ³=Ï€/3 The first step in this proof is to find expressions for the side lengths AB, BC, and CA; however, that is a difficult task to accomplish since I am only using variables and no concrete measurements. In order to overcome this challenge, I circumscribed a circle about the triangle with a center O so that the triangle only touches the circle at its three vertices A, B, and C. For the sake of simplicity, I assume that the radius is 1, so that I am able to find the side lengths of the triangle in terms of ÃŽ ±, ÃŽ ², and ÃŽ ³ by applying rules of basic geometry and the cosine rule. According to the Central Angle Theorem, â€Å"the central angle subtended by two points on a circle is twice the inscribed angle subtended by those points† (â€Å"Central Angle†). Thus, I know that if m(∠ CAB)=3ÃŽ ±, then m(∠ COB)=6ÃŽ ± as illustrated by figure 3. Figure 3 Since BO and CO are radii in the circle above, they must be equal to 1. Now that I have a value for the measure of ∠ COB, I can use the law of cosines to find the length of side BC because I have measurements for an angle and both of its adjacent sides. ã€â€"(BC)ã€â€"^2= ã€â€"(BO)ã€â€"^2+ã€â€"(CO)ã€â€"^2-2(BO)(CO)cos⠁ ¡(m∠ (BOA)) ã€â€"BCã€â€"^2=1+1-2∙cos⠁ ¡(6ÃŽ ±) ã€â€"BCã€â€"^2=2-2∙cos⠁ ¡(6ÃŽ ±)Show MoreRelatedPi And The Real World995 Words   |  4 Pagesthrough college know of pi and its multiple applications. It has been used in physics, as well as in geometry. Students will even use it in trigonometry when they are doing sine waves. Students need to see how necessary pi is in mathematics and in the real world. Although it may seem pointless to some students now pi will help in numerous career fields as well as in more accelerated classes like calculus A-B or AP physics. But knowing the application of pi is not just for students, people like famersRead MorePhysics Of A Physics Experiment930 Words   |  4 Pages Experiment is the way that be used by people to either practice or prove a physics theorem. It should be rigorous and carefully designed even if the experiment is dealing with a shallow thing. As simple as the experiment of detecting Friction Force between an object and surface, the experiment still has to follow s everal stages in order to make the conclusion accurate. First of all, every physical exam will begin with a hypothesis. We must figure out what we are going to test about duringRead More Biography of Isaac Newton Essay587 Words   |  3 PagesDecember 25, 1642. His education took place at Trinity College, in Cambridge where he lived from 1661 to 1696. Here is where he studied physics and astronomy, and created calculus.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Newton became interested in mathematics in the autumn of 1663 when he tried to read an astrology book but could not understand it because he had little knowledge of trigonometry and geometry. What got his mind going was when he read that parallelograms upon the same base and between the same parallels are equal.Read MoreApplication And Significance Of Pi1383 Words   |  6 PagesThis investigation will thus aim to identify the application and significance of Pi in mathematics but due to the extensive influence Pi has in mathematics, this investigation will focus specifically on Pi’s application in the fields of calculus, trigonometry, topics that fall within the standard level mathematics syllabus, but also differential geometry, a topic that is not in the standard level mathematics syllabus to broaden my knowledge of pi. History and Properties of : The concept of pi hasRead MoreEssay on Physics of Bowling909 Words   |  4 PagesAside from being one of the most accessible (and best!) sports out there, many aspects of bowling can be expressed with physics. Achieving maximum power, throwing a hook ball, and getting good pin action can all be broken down into physics issues and represented with equations. I will cover four aspects of bowling that can be explained with physics terms and show you how to use this knowledge to optimize your game. Gravitational Potential Energy Depending on the height from which the bowlerRead MoreThe Importance Of A Few College General Education Courses1070 Words   |  5 Pagesbefore I moved on to trigonometry, physics, and organic chemistry. This basic math course teaches students important skills that are helpful medical professionals, engineers, architects, teachers, and countless other professions. Because of this, college algebra is a required course for majors of all kinds so everyone will be well-prepared for their future courses and their future careers. To summarize, before students move onto high-level courses such as trigonometry, physics, or organic chemistryRead MoreAngular Projectile Motion Essay775 Words   |  4 Pageswill travel 379.8875 m. In the movie the car lands on a yacht that is moving at a constant velocity of 35.7632 m/s. [E] and is already 33.3 m away from the ramp just as it leaves the ramp. To determine whether this scene demonstrates good or bad physics, we must determine how far the boat moves in the time that the car is in the air. To determine the distance traveled by the boat, one must use the velocity formula. We determined the velocity of the boat by using the scene from the movie which showedRead MoreMarine Engineers and Military Workers Essay1067 Words   |  5 PagesPrograms typically include courses in calculus, physics, and computer-aided design. The courses that are specific to ME’s and NA’s include ship hull strength, fluid mechanics, and mechanics of materials. Some also have degrees in mechanical or electrical engineering. Students interested in preparing for this career may find it a benefit from taking high school courses in math (algebra, trigonometry, and calculus) and also in science such as chemistry and physics. For aspiring NA’s, drafting coursed areRead MorePhysics Of Physics Regarding Light Rays1581 Words   |  7 Pageslight travels, not just in how, but also in all the other factors that affect the light rays, including the speed, the velocity, the distance, as well as others. In my past years of school, I had been able to explore areas of physics concerning light rays, as part of my physics course. However, I had previously only learned the basic principles, such as the laws of refraction and reflection. Because I chose to focus on Chemistry and Biology, I was not given the opportunity to delve deeper into theRead MorePersonal Statement on Chemical Engineering568 Words   |  2 Pageswriting on. Plastic has become so widespread that we hardly notice it anymore yet it impacts the modern world greatly. I want to revolutionize the world just like my predecessors and inspire a generation to do the same. Every engineer uses Mathematics, Physics and the art of Engineering to unravel technical problems in the most efficient and safest way possible, but it is the Chemical engineer that harnesses the power of chemistry and uses it on a broader scale. Chemistry is the key to life, without it

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